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Our sites follow modern minimalistic design principles that make your site load faster than your competitors. We focus on content and user experience above everything else, that way your customers will find it easy to navigate your site, and even easier to do business with you.

We believe small business is the future.

Freedom to walk your own path. That's what we stand behind, which is why we are dedicated to helping only small businesses and keeping our pricing plans geared towards this sector of the market.

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We make it easy and affordable.

Our monthly payment plans were created to eliminate the often astronomical up-front costs of having a website made by an agency. Our plans include continued support, unlimited content updates, and design updates to keep your site looking amazing on all devices.

We build websites from the ground up.

We leave out the extra code and fluff often included in popular web templates and site building platforms, that way your site will always outperform your competitor's across the board in diagnostics tests. We use only the best in front-end technologies to build our sites—so you can rank higher on search engines without sacrificing speed or functionality.

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I'm Anthony. Stay at home dad and professional website developer.

Our company got its start after I realized that a good amount of agencies were charging thousands of dollars for under-performing websites that did not scale with the business or keep up with the times. After working in the industry for 4 years, I realized that most of the time that agencies claimed they spent building your website actually went towards useless meetings, unnecessary features, and unproductive development practices, all billed on the your dime.

At 209 Web Design, we believe that great websites don't have to cost a fortune. To do this, we keep our team small enough that we don't need layers of beauracracy to do the job correctly. This allows us to pump more time and effort into making your site leave your competitors in the dust in terms of performance. Our sites routinely load 5-20x faster than the competition, which plays right into Google's search ranking algorithm.

Also, look at my baby. Isn't he adorable? How could you say no to that smile? If you do, you must a really mean person.

Our Mission

Our idea of a perfect world is one where small businesses can fully digitize every portion of their customer experience with ease and at a low cost.

We want to fully incorporate technology into the small business economy of central and northern California through offering better software development and a strong committment to creating personalized experiences between brands and development teams. We intend to do this by committing to the following actions:


Providing low cost web development and design services


Offering the best customer service in the industry


Staying up-to-date with all 500+ Google algorithm updates made each year


Keeping our workload manageable to promote quality development


Educating ourselves on emergent technolgies in our customers' industries


Being transparent to our customers about every move we make


Mentoring those in our community towards securing a career in web development


Never settling for money when we could choose community

Make your website the fastest in your industry.

Let's work together to create the fastest site in your industry. Get a hold of us now to enjoy the benefits of having a website optimized for Google's latest speed standards.

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